The secrets of beef color passed down by cattle farmers who know the true traditions of cattle breeding. Cattle painstakingly nurtured for a longer period of time boasts deeper redness and richer flavor. The beef color resembles the garnet red color of a fine, aged red wine. This is proof of delicious flavor. We refer to this third category of beef as garnet beef.

Lean beef, marbled beef, and now, a third category of beef.

Beef is red. That is common knowledge throughout the world. At least it was until the world came to know another category of beef known as Wagyu. Wagyu, most widely referring to beef from the Japanese black cattle, is famous for its pink-colored meat that is finely interlaced with lines of white fat called sashi, the result of years of controlled breeding conducted in Japan. This category of beef, commonly referred to as "shimofuri", is particularly known and loved among food connoisseurs for a texture that melts in your mouth due to the high fat content.
Now, there is a third category of beef known as garnet beef. Garnet beef is characterized by its firm yet tender and juicy texture, subtle marbling. Nurtured slowly, like a fine wine aged over time.

Redness Increases over a Longer Nurturing Period

The history of cattle farming is rooted in the domestication of cattle breeds around the world, with methods varying depending on local climate conditions and customs. It is commonly accepted that around 24 months are required for a calf to reach adulthood.
However, modern livestock industry also focuses on production cost efficiency. The result is the reduction of the nurturing period.
The rich redness characteristic of this third beef category, a color resembling the garnet gemstone, is the result of painstaking production efforts. With the extended nurturing period, beef takes on a rich red color after around 30 months.


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The Rich Red Color of Garnet Beef is a Testament to its Delicious Flavor

The garnet gemstone represents hidden passion and truth.
Characterized by the rich redness of the meat, garnet beef is a rare delicacy that is only attainable from beef cattle painstakingly raised gently over their natural life cycle. As redness increases, flavors intensify. This rich red color is a testament to the delicious flavor of the beef.
Today, beef production techniques vary widely around the world as both the types of cuisine featuring beef and consumer trends continue to diversify. However, there is still strong contingent of consumers who prefer traditional food culture, who desire for harmony with the environment, and who demand safe food ingredients. Garnet beef epitomizes the preferences of consumers with strong values and a unique perspective. Garnet beef boasts the flavor to satisfy the most discerning connoisseurs.

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