Why N34 beef fascinates the chefs of the popular restaurants?

Cattle of N34 brand are raised on fertile land of Tokachi, Hokkaido and their remarkable feature is their lean meat which is rich in flavor. Indeed, two top-class chefs, who are guests of N34 beef, tell us about the advantages and potential of the Garnet cattle.


TACUBO(Italian Restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo)

"TACUBO", a highly rated Italian restaurant on the "Michelin Guide Tokyo." Revolutionary distribution system, rich flavor and juiciness of grilled lean meat of N34. Why did Chef Takubo become a guests of N34 beef?



AMOUR(French Restaurant in Hiroo, Tokyo)

Mr. Goto, the chef of "AMOUR", has developed the unique style of "French Cuisine made in Japan" and is now drawing the attention of gastronomes. He tells "Only N34 enables me to roast meat the best at the moment."

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