In global beef markets, lean beef is the most popular commodity. Growing in prominence on the beef market is shimofuri beef, typically Japanese black cattle. Now, garnet beef is a third category of beef emerging from Japan. At the top of this category is the luxury brand N34, beef from cattle raised is the vast nature of Hokkaido, Japan’s most expansive agricultural region.
N34 represents a new standard in consumer preferences for flavor and texture, and rewrites the narrative on what think we know about beef.

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8 Conditions for Strict Grading8条件による厳格なグレーディング

Garnet beef is a new category that is characterized by a rich, brilliant red color that resembles a fine wine. As red wine matures, its color transitions from a light ruby hue to the deep color of garnet. At the top of this category is N34.
N34 boasts a mouth-watering marbling profile combined with the robust flavor of firm yet tender red meat. The grain of the red meat is so soft it almost peels away layer by layer.
N34 is new option in beef selection that stands out for its unique characteristics. Beef boasting the brand name N34 is limited to pre-cut, pre-distribution carcasses that are subjected to a strict grading process and that passes our proprietary standards. Our 8 stage grading process represents our promise to provide stable, high-quality beef and customer satisfaction.



Beef Color StandardB.C.S. 牛肉色基準1

Score No.4 or No.5「No.4」もしくは「No.5」

Based on the Beef Color Standard, one of the evaluation standards used for beef carcass transactions in Japan, N34 is equivalent to No. 4 or No. 5. Both these ranks are classified as being the highest grade for meat color and gloss; a rich, beautiful red color befitting the category name garnet beef.

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Source: Beef marbling standards within beef color standard standards by the Japan Meat Grading Association.公益社団法人日本食肉格付協会「牛枝肉取引規格の牛肉色基準」から

Total Nurturing Period総飼養期間2

At least 34 months, up to 40 months34カ月以上かつ40カ月未満

The age in months since birth, i.e., the total nurturing period, is at least 34 months and up to 40 months. Thus is longer than the average nurturing period typically used for beef cattle in the United States or Japan. We follow a nurturing period that allows a natural growth cycle. Furthermore, we set a feeding period that promotes beef maturation.

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Cattle Breeds牛種3

Hybrid cows交雑種の雌牛

The cattle we raise are hybrid of the Japanese black cattle, Japan's world-famous beef cattle, and a Holstein dairy cattle (F1). We further limit our beef cattle to cows only (female)*. This results in the superior meat quality of the Japanese black cattle and the vast meat quantities of the Holstein. The beef from the female is tender yet provides an ideal firmness.
*Beef shipped to USA is from unbred heifers of age 34 months up to 40 months.

Beef Marbling StandardB.M.S. 脂肪交雑基準4

Score No.3 or No.4「No.3」もしくは「No.4」

Based on the Beef Marbling Standard, which indicates fat content and is one of the evaluation standards used for beef carcass transactions in Japan, N34 is equivalent to No. 3 or No. 4. These two ranks are classified as being general levels but having a low melting point and producing a favorable aroma. N34 boasts the rich flavor of beef. This combination of the ideal marbling and healthy volume of lean beef results in a rare culinary harmony.

Source: Beef Marbling Standard for beef carcass transactions outlined by the Japan Meat Grading Association. *1: No. 1 indicates no marbling detected. *2: No. 2 indicates not fulfilling standards for No. 3.公益社団法人日本食肉格付協会「牛枝肉取引規格の脂肪交雑基準」から。「※1」のNo.1は脂肪交雑の認められないもの。「※2」のNo.2はB.M.S. No.3に満たないもの

Fineness of Marblingサシの細かさ5

Fine marblingコザシ

In addition to the absolute volume of marbling (fat) in red meat, the level of marbling (fineness) is also a major evaluation point. Large marbling lines alone are not enough. It is the presence of fine white, shimmering lines of fat just a few millimeters in thickness throughout the red meat that creates the mouth-watering, tender texture and delicious aroma.

Water Content水分量6


N34 has a relatively low water content. During the fattening period, when cattle are fed to increase volume prior to distribution, a lower water content causes the marbling of fat within the lean beef. This also causes the condensation of umami flavors within the meat. Beef with a lower water content adds even greater depth to rich, wonderful flavors.

Muscle Fibers筋繊維7


Our hybrid cattle are unique for their firm yet tender lean meat with a delicate grain. We select only beef of the finest texture and beautiful grain.


Chuck eye roll, spencer roll, strip loin, tenderloin, top sirloin butt, coulotte, top blade, chuck ribカタロース、リブロース、サーロイン、ヒレ、ランプ、イチボ、ミスジ、サンカクバラ

Limited to 8 of the highest-quality cuts. Even meat from the same cattle will vary greatly in texture and flavor depending on the location. Each cut allows you to enjoy a distinct and unique taste.

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Raised in the Rejuvenating Natural Environment of Hokkaido清涼なる自然の懐に抱かれて

Located in the northernmost area of a peninsula spanning some 3,000 kilometers south to north you will find Hokkaido. Hokkaido’s development picked up speed in the 19th century during the Meiji Era. In Hokkaido, the city of Tokachi boasts the prefecture’s largest agricultural land area. Blessed with fertile soil, Tokachi produce is vast and various, including wheat, potatoes, beets, and beans.
Tokachi is a cold-climate region where, even in the summertime, early morning and nighttime temperatures differ vastly from afternoon weather. Winter brings with it a silencing chill that seems to bring life to a standstill.
But nature is delicate and beautiful. Tokachi cattle are raised outdoors, embraced by the rejuvenating powers of nature, blessed with the strength to overcome a harsh winter environment.

Pride in our Brand Nameブランドを名乗ることを許された

N34 beef is defined by a strict grading process. What makes this advanced yet difficult quality management possible? The Nobels Group boasts production knowhow that is unmatched throughout the world. This knowledge and experience is combined with our never-ending desire to accept new challenges.
The N34 brand name epitomizes the Nobels Group. We take extreme pride in delivering our own brand to our customers. The cattle used for N34 are raised over more than two years of careful nurturing by experts in Hokkaido. Only the select few and only select cuts are allowed to carry the N34 brand name.

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The 8 Cuts of N34取り扱い8部位

A new option in beef selection. A color like a garnet gemstone or a luxurious mature wine.
N34 boasts mouth-watering marbling combined with the rich flavor of firm yet tender red meat. These characteristics combine to provide an ideal texture that creates a perfect bite every time. N34 is popular as a luxury ingredient used by exclusive French, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants.
Blocks of 8 carefully selected cuts.





Chuck Eye Roll

Chuck Eye Rollカタロース
Minimum lotApprox. 4.5kg(9.9lbs)



Spencer Roll

Spencer Rollリブロース
Minimum lotApprox. 4kg(8.8lbs)



Strip Loin

Strip Loinサーロイン
Minimum lotApprox. 3kg(6.6lbs)




Minimum lotApprox. 5kg(11.0lbs)



Top Sirloin Butt

Top Sirloin Buttランプ
Minimum lotApprox. 6kg(13.2lbs)




Minimum lotApprox. 5kg(11.0lbs)



Top Blade

Top Bladeミスジ
Minimum lotApprox. 4.5kg(9.9lbs)



Chuck Rib

Chuck Ribサンカクバラ
Minimum lotApprox. 4.5kg(9.9lbs)
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